Monday, April 15, 2013

Another fall but without Injury

I was out late last night to have my last few puffs. It was raining gently and I was enjoying the moment and the scents. All of a sudden without any awareness, I lost my balance and began to stumble forward.(Having major nerve problems in my right leg which almost caused a car accident when I couldn't put enough pressure on the brake)  I managed to stick my hand out the left window to alert the gal coming into the intersection to stop which she did. Sure scared me. Have been driving since without a similar experience by drive very slowly up to a stop sign.
Fortunately I have now had so many falls that I recognize what happens when I loose my balance. If I can't recover quickly, the momentum will increase resulting in a fall to my face. My arms have become so weak that it never occurs to me to break my fall by extending my arms.

Last night, I had my wits about me and once the stumble occurred, I decided the best outcome would be for me to just sit down, which I did. Fortunately, I had my new Cell Phone with me so I immediately called 911 and asked for some assistance to hoist me up. It confirmed that I had practiced enough to know how the phone works. I had never used it so that was very reassuring.

While I waited for assistance to come, I has the time to have a few puffs as I was sitting on a wet pavement. An ambulance arrived with two fellows who each grabbed an arm and I walked me home.

I really don't want to go through this again. I have 6 falls in the last year. As a result I am having so many structural and nerve problem from the middle of my spine radiating out to my shoulders and down to my foot, so will have to see my Chiropractor this week. Just can't stand the pain any longer since it interferes with every aspect of my movement and mobility.

Will update.

~ Tutte ~